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“Strange, monstrous, exaggerated, but who will use it?, with that front, with that exhaust pipe, with that frame, who will want it?”






These are only a few exclamations grasped among the crowd, metabolized analysed and motorized, that Italjet heard ten years ago, in 1995, at the Fiera del Ciclo e Motociclo in Milan during the display of the prototype of Dragster 50cc, shown on its stand revolving platform. The company from Bologna was introducing a proud-very amusing-technological-aesthetical-fashionable-raceble Dragster. A scooter with an open trellis frame, called Dragster because it was only this the name in which it could be called.

On the contrary at ten years’ distance the Dragster continues to exist and to be asked for and to be looked at with amazement, but, at its praise, in the world there are series of fans that are likewise exaggerated and original: you can see for example the website by Paul Robinson.
Robinson created the site in 2000 for all the Dragster’s owners assuring them that they would have found among his pages information about how “to soup it up”, to draw it again and to cover it again according to their personalities. The Dragster’s myth, considered as the scooter for the new generations, the scooter like no other, and as a symbol of a new wave, very new age, in short it has given origin to a scooter philosophy where the number of gadgets among t.shirts, pins and other things can be missed.
But it is not only this: the Dragster has landed also in Silicon Valley where the leading firm of the sector for video games has inserted the Dragster into a game where the fans can lose their way or to persist in endless quarrels running away or running after their enemy on board of a virtual blazing scooter of the firm from Bologna.
Here it is again today, more lively than ever, to promise modern time performances, but above all much more emotions.
Tartarini and Ferrandino have wanted it again setting it free in all its position, accessories and spare parts involved, since it is known as the scooter that in the time, in spite of the market and customers’ several decreases, has remained a cult and for that reason it is immortal.
Therefore, here it is the Dragster in the 50cc injection displacement, 4-stroke 125 and 4-stroke 250 to amaze, to astonish and to spoil, yes to spoil, the myth lovers and monsters of legends and of metropolitan and scooter realities on its livery and, with a little of imagination, with the one they will want to give or personalize it, the fans that from Europe and from the Rising Sun countries have a symbol that unite them at last.
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